Nurhan Artar was born on January 11th in 1961.

He started taking pictures at the age of 9.

When he was 9, he went to Paris, where he completed his primary and high school educations.

The first thing he did was to built a darkroom when he started to live alone at 15 years old. He managed to enter “Art Center College of Design”, one of the best art schools in the world, when he went to U.S.A. Nurhan Artar was the first student in the school history, that started his education directly from the second term. He was educated in every branch of photography during 4 years. Graduating as a fashion photographer, he describes fashion photography as “ Two unfamiliar people (photographer and the model) sharing the same feelings: excitement and pleasure, far away from everything in a limited time. Nurhan Artar was told to go back to Europe, because U.S.A seemed too conservative for his work. Very soon, he was called from Turkey for a shooting, and couldn’t go back to Paris because of the projects that came one after another.

Nurhan Artar was the pioneer of very important achievements in Turkey, and became one of the founders of PTFD – (Professional Advertising Photographers Association)

Nurhan Artar declares that the things that distinguish him from other photographers and that provide him freedom, among his technique, are his genuine point of view and style.